Projects & Visualizations of COVID-19

91-DIVOC is a collection of visualizations by Prof. Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider. All visualizations are updated daily with data from multiple sources.

Classic 91-DIVOC Graphs

Interactive Visualization of COVID-19 in Illinois
91-DIVOC-05: "Data-forward visualization of COVID-19 data in Illinois"
COVID-19 at Big Ten Conference Schools
91-DIVOC-06: "COVID-19 data from Big Ten schools"

County-Specific Data

COVID-19 Data for Your Locations
91-DIVOC-02: "COVID-19 Data for Locations of People You Love"

Stacked Contribution Graphs

COVID-19 by US States & Regions
91-DIVOC-04: "Coronavirus Contribution by State"

Experimental Visualizations

Contributions as a 1,000-person Community
91-DIVOC-03: "Coronavirus Visualized as a 1,000-Person Community"