91-DIVOC-03: The Human Factor

May 26, 2020 > 91-DIVOC-03: "Coronavirus Visualized as a 1,000-Person Community"

It feels like both a decade ago and just yesterday that the first 91-DIVOC visualization was released. It has been a humbling and rewarding experience to have millions view it and, to this date, I still find it the best way to nerd out with the data. It's been fantastic to also see some building spin-offs of it to use it for other datasets!

There has been so many amazing COVID-19 visualizations -- but I have yet to see one that puts all of the case data that's available in real human terms? So much of the data is bar charts, line charts, and just charts, charts, and charts.

This visualization is one of the simplest in terms of elements, just a single person, but rendered in a way that expresses the human impact and human scale of COVID-19. In some ways it's a simpler view of 91-DIVOC-01, but in other ways it's so much more powerful:

Coronavirus Visualized as a 1,000-Person Community >>

The SVG image was slightly modified, public domain image I found on Wikipedia and served as part of the inspiration for this work. Limiting the entire visualization to a single graphic was both challenging but rewarding, and something I hope you'd try out! Go start creating something – it only takes on graphic to make something great! :)