July 24, 2020 > 91-DIVOC-01: "An interactive visualization of the exponential spread of COVID-19"

In all of these visualizations, I created visualizations that helped me make sense of the COVID-19 data. At this point, I can spend hours diving into the data and there’s few questions that I am unable to answer using 91-DIVOC graphs. Therefore, for the next week, I’m looking to explore better documentation of this tool, fix any remaining bugs, and focus on quality improvements. As part of this, I have already:

Additionally, I’ve started some initial work on some visualizations beyond COVID-19. If you’d like to get a once-a-month update on data-forward visualizations, I have an e-mail list that I’ll be providing a monthly update of all the latest visualizations to nerd out with.

Let me know if you find any bugs and thanks for all the support! :)