COVID-19 at Big Ten Conference Schools

Interactive, data-forward visualization of publicly-reported COVID-19 data from Big Ten schools. Customizable views of confirmed cases, tests administered, test positivity, and more. Updated daily during the academic semester.

This dataset is no longer maintained.

This visualization was a project that I updated the underlying data each day during the Fall 2020 academic semester. With the new year and a vaccine on the horizon, I am no longer recording data each day from University dashboards. (You can find links to each of the University's dashboards below the visualization.)

Even though this visualization is no longer maintained, all of the other 91-DIVOC visualizations continue to be updated daily. You can view them all here. :)

New COVID-19 Cases by Country per Day

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University on Winter Break

All Big Ten schools are currently on winter break and this visualization will be updated weekly until the beginning of the Spring semester.

Visualization Overview

The data on this visualization is sourced daily from the COVID-19 dashboards of the Big Ten Conference Universities:

Each day, I am updating the data for this visualization between 6:00pm and 10:00am (central time zone) to publish a new version of this page each day with the latest data. I am also providing the raw data in this visualization as part of my College COVID-19 Dataset available on GitHub.

Data Collection

This visualization currently shows the total number of cases among all members of each campus – students, faculty, and staff. Some dashboards split this data into various segments (ex: students and faculty/staff individually) and, in those cases, the data from all groups are added together. The collection of data for this visualization started on Wednesday, Aug. 26. Some schools only report aggravated data and on/around Aug. 26 when the data collection started.

If you have any ideas for this data visualization or know of other sources of data, feel free to reach out to me at waf@illinois.edu! :)

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